About Jody

Hi there, I am Jody, and welcome to my book blog.

I love anything and everything to do with books. If I could live in a book store or a library that would be a dream home for me ðŸ˜‚I love hosting book tours and giveaways for my readers. I like the idea of introducing new authors to my readers, and from what I hear they like finding new authors to add to their TBR list as well.
I ❤ reading. If I am not scheduling a book tour I am reading. I love to read CoziesYA, Middle Grade, Mystery, Suspense, Women’s Fiction, Romance, Chick-lit, Literary Fiction, Psychological Thrillers, and Memoirs.  If you are looking for book reviews, you can fill the form out here.
I have constantly got a book open and going.  When it is downtime I am sleeping, and right back up the next morning doing it all over again. I love what I am doing, I love the people I have meant on my journey as well. I have quite a few author friends that I would not have got the chance to know if I were not doing what I love to do! 
Happy reading! ðŸ˜‰
❤ Jody